We can give your own footage a professional look by -

  • Transferring your own footage and other materials into our computers from practically any type of media, i.e. camcorder or VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, flash memory sticks, SD cards, XD cards, etc, etc.
  • Re-arranging order of video
  • Cutting out unwanted scenes
  • Inserting extra scenes


  • Brushing up and improving quality of pictures, i.e. correcting white balance, brightness and contrast
  • Adding transitions and titles
  • Adding background music
  • Inserting sequence of still images
  • etc, etc.

For example, for £475 we can produce
a beautiful record of your Wedding Day,
fully edited with music, on a VHS tape or a DVD
(running up to two hours)*

*Should you desire a longer running film, we will discuss what could be done.

If you give us details of your project, we give you an idea how long it might take.
At the end of the day, the price depends on your requirements, the length of the video and the amount of editing needed.